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How And Why Automotive Sound Systems Are Evolving Into Entertainment Systems

If you've been looking for a system then you have probably been looking for an entertainment system as well. Vehicles today offer many different things to be installed like DVD players, CD players, multiple speakers, and even TVs; there are many different things. In addition to all of those there are more that are calling you to buy them. Most of these even offer mp3 connection.

The jury is still out for people having DVD players in their cars. While this is happening many companies put together large packages as for DVD player n such and often offer free installation or a heck of a deal. I am aware that many feel it as a distraction to other drivers. I'm one of the other people that feel that DVD players are a good idea to reducing distraction from rear passengers seeing that they are focused on the DVD player instead of talking loudly and disrupting the driver.

I will say that many people are wondering what this has to do with sound systems just bare with me. One of the newer features companies have today is that rear passengers can have their own set of headphones while watching their own LCD screen in front of them from the head rest this is causing less distraction to the driver.

The fact of the matter is the DVD player is no different then having toddlers in the back yelling for your attention while driving so its better to have a DVD player in the rear so they can be focused on that instead of you and your driving. The problem with those is that some audio books are not meant for younger ears so its good to have those for later but its also good to have the children focused on something else then you while your driving like the DVD player through your sound system.

The technology exists for this and I hope they will come out with new things to make cars a better place for sound systems. We live in a world where technology is always changing and upgrading so it's good to watch and wait for another good sound system to come out.

Whether you are new to the technology of today you should like it and embrace it. This means that you should just get over the old and in with the new so you don't have to do it later. I often feel that we are catching up to the "Jetsons" world because we are constantly moving up in technology. I am also glad to see that we are making sound systems more then just one size some people like a really loud system some like it smooth but either way your still going to have the side of technology on your side and will still have all the good features you are wanting. So go out there and purchase your premium sound system today and start living your life in the way of technology today.


Is It Really That Necessary To Install A Car Security System On Your Automobile

Many people take minimal, if any approaches when it comes to car security. This is especially the case if they have a car that is cheap and old. However, even these cars can get stolen. In fact, the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord, (two cars that are not all that spectacular in comparison to sports cars), are the two types of vehicles that get stolen the most by car thieves. Why would they still such average cars? It's because they can get money stripping them of their parts. They then sell these parts to various car manufacturers, who may not have any idea that the parts were obtained illegally. Then there are those who do know, as they are a part of the car theft crime ring.

So, with that being said, what can be done to increase one's car security? Well, to understand what will work best for car security, first consider what won't work. For example, the infamous car bars that are sold through infomercials mean nothing to a car thief. All they have to do to steal the car is cut away the bar then hotwire the ignition to get it to run. This makes the car bar form of car security a complete waste of money.

Another car security method that won't work are car alarms. To understand why this type of car security method doesn't do well, think about your own self when you hear such an alarm go off. Do you really think that a car is being broken into? If you're like most people probably not, because the annoying sound associated with most car alarms happen so often that it lost its original power. And for the rare few that do associate an activated car alarm with theft, they get distracted by cat prints on car. What does this mean? Basically, the car thief throws a cat somewhere on the car. When the owner or someone else sees the footprints, they think it's a cat doing it instead of a person. As they are returning to wherever they were, the car thief moves in and steals the vehicle.

What can be done to help increase car security, if the most common methods of car bars and car alarms don't work? The best answer involves getting systems like LoJack, that provide special tracking technologies to locate where a car is if it is stolen. LoJack specifically works through a separate device that is hidden somewhere in the car. When the car is stolen a person can check online to see where it is. From there the police can come after the car. If a person doesn't like the idea of their car security being determined by a device that could be found by the thief, they can consider technologies such as Onstar, where tracking is built within the car through a special GPS system.

Of course, if you do get LoJack or Onstar, there's still a possibility that the car could be stripped so fast that once the police get there, it's gone. However, if the thief didn't suspect that he was being tracked, at least justice can be done in the situation as he would be hauled off to jail. From there, he won't be a further threat either to the person from which he stole or towards the public in general.


Some Of The Reasons You Should Consider A Premium Sound System For Your Car

I can't imagine entering my daily day and not having my sound system. Music in the morning is as important as breathing. If I start out my day with no music and sound the day has already started out the wrong way. Music is an important thing to anyone that's like me. My wake up call in the morning is to the sound of my favorite radio station or favorite song.

The point of all this is that I am not alone in the mornings. If I were there would an absolute need for music. Today you can even have CD alarm clock in order to get up. Of course this brings me to an important point. A premium sound system should sound better then your alarm clock. Most alarm clocks will not have the best quality of sound. They are designed for less space and to be as annoying as possible to get you up out of bed and turn them off. If the music is good and quality even better, most of us can ignore the alarm clock and go back to sleep.

While you do not want your sound system to put you to sleep you want to enjoy the music that the quality is giving you. You are, after all paying for it every month with a lot of your own money. Some may say this is a big deal but a lot of other people spend more of their time in their cars than they do in front of their televisions and are more likely to spend more on a big TV or LCD. I like being around nice things and music happens to be one of them. A premium sound system is a way I can bring music in and out of my daily life every day. I am pretty sure there are others out there just like me. Just like the alarm clock radios everyone in retail is competing to get you to buy their sound system.

The thing to you is finding the sound you like at an affordable rate and bringing it home with you that day you find it. A premium sound system for your car or truck isn't an instant buy. This is a thing you should look around for and compare prices so you find the system you want. Also consider things such as free installation and lower prices before you buy an automotive sound system. It could very well happen that the same sound system you want will cost the same at all stores, if one of those stores deals offers you free installation you should pick that one because you might not find another deal like that even if the price is a little steeper then you would want it to be.

There are a lot of different things to think about when choosing the right sound system for your car. The most important of those things is how well you like the one you are looking at. After all this is your money and you should spend it on the best system you can find for the price you're wanting and the features you are looking for as well.


Using Cell Phones While Driving Increases Car Insurance Rates

Cell phones are the omnipresent electronic devices of this era, and multi-tasking is the byword of this generation. So, it is quite natural to see many people jovially chatting over the mobile phone or thumbing down instant jokes while negotiating the traffic on busy highways. It is a habit that spreads like the bushfire does in Australia. And in the long run, it is as deadly as well.

Studies have proved that drivers who use cell phones while driving are more prone to cause accidents. Many researchers have equated driving while using mobile phones (or is it the other way around?) to drunken driving. They say that in both cases, a person does not have enough focus and mental capacity to carry out a potentially dangerous activity like driving. If you also have this habit, do not shrug and dismiss this article as nonsense. There are many gains - both for you and for others - if you do away with this habit.

The Advantages Of Stopping Cell Phone Use While Driving

The primary advantage is that you are keeping a safe distance from accidents. It has been estimated through various studies that a person using cell phone is four times more likely to meet with an accident. The reasons for this are not hard to understand. One cannot focus fully on the road and the other vehicles, if one keeps on chatting on phone simultaneously while driving. Thumping, or writing text messages on the cell phone, is a doubly dangerous activity. It requires the driver to control the vehicle with one hand and half a mind.

Well, let us drive past the usual negative thoughts on the same subject, such as accidents can happen to anybody and other similar gospels. Just for the record, there are a number of people who have been driving without causing any major accident.

The second, and perhaps a more tangible, benefit is the reduced car insurance Canada premium. In many states in the USA, using cell phone while driving is a traffic offense that can get you a penalty ticket. The more the number of tickets you attract against your name, the higher will be the insurance premium. In these troubled times of economic recession, insurance companies are eagerly waiting for something to increase the insurance premium. They can easily track the tickets against your name, even if you got those in faraway locations.

The rules regarding this are not consistent across the country. Different states have different sets of rules. At present, seven states have banned talking through a handheld device and texting while driving for general public. But more states - 17, to be precise - have banned the use of mobile handset device for beginner drivers. Several states allow the person to use hands-free device for talking through the cell phone while driving. But it is strongly reminded that driving does not lend itself to multitasking.

Young drivers should be more conscious about the financial burden, if not the social troubles, that can be resulted from their cell-phone-induced driving. The rules regarding cell phone use are more stringent for the new drivers and the increase in the tax premium is steeper. The bottom line is that using cell phones while driving not only increases your phone bills, but raises your car insurance premium as well.


Some Of The Reasons Why Hybrid Automobiles Are So Popular

Basically a hybrid car is a battery powered car and a gas powered car. The battery drives the car until more horsepower is needed such as to get on the highway or interstate. The battery will let you cruise I think of speeds up to 60mph but if you want to accelerate fast then you have to use the gas.

Hybrid cars are simple really you just have batteries then you have the gas motor and then you have a transmission and gas storage. As you may already know though it gets really good gas mileage because you don't really need to use the gas motor unless you need to accelerate really quickly. That is the secret behind the good mpg.

The cool thing about the gas motor in hybrids is that you only need gas in the motor to power the generator that powers the batteries which drives the car. So you only need enough gas to start the car really but it is good to have a full tank at all times as needed in case something did however fail.

The new hybrids I think are pretty cool I mean you don't have to fill up on gas that much because unless you are racing you do not need the gas you just need the batteries to be able to cruise. I think it is a good idea and I would like to own a hybrid because of the gas prices these days. Think about it you would be filling up maybe once a week that is pretty good you might even be able to make that last two weeks depending on how much that you drive around and how far you drive.

They are coming out with new hybrids all the time and I am sure that soon they will be coming out with just a battery powered car that can speed and not need gas. I think that would be the future that or hydrogen powered cars. Maybe even propane but that's still a gas just like hydrogen.

So if you want a hybrid and you are tired of paying for gas then you need to get one and you would need one even more if you worked far from home because I am sure that if you are driving a regular gas powered car now you would be saving at least 60% if you converted to the hybrid. These cars are very cool and save awesome amounts on gas and will let you just use the battery until you need to speed up for some reason. So if you want one start looking today for your new hybrid you might find one that you like a lot.


How To Easily Install A Car Stereo Yourself

Installing your new car stereo is so simple all you do is take out the old one by just unscrewing all the bolts from the dash if needed and then just pull out the stereo away from the wiring harness.

Just be careful when you are putting in your new hardware it will be very easy to hook up the wiring harness the wrong way especially if you are hard wiring it back together.

You will just want to start out by pulling anything away from the dash that is needed when trying to take out the existing stereo that is in your car and even more when you are installing the new stereo.

Head units are the easiest type of CD player to install in a car. You just get a new hole kit at Wal-Mart or advanced if you do you even need one and then just put it in so the head unit will fit and not be sliding around and pulling out when you hit the brakes. You will also probably need a new wiring harness with it.

After you install the head unit you will have to either hard wire the existing wiring harness if you cannot find one for the make of the car or you will have to buy one from a stereo store. Then you just hook the head unit up to the wiring harness and then mount the ground wire and then you are good to go. It is really that simple after you read what I just said and then try and install a new head unit.

If you really want your speakers to sound good with your new head unit you will want to get a highs and mid amp to go along with your head unit and speakers it will make it sound all the better with a new head unit.

When you want to get into bigger and better things you can go to circuit city or best buy and buy yourself some subwoofers and another amp to power those and hook that up and really be doing it big. It is a little bit harder to install but it is the same thing. The only thing that you do different other then installing the head unit is you just run the RCAs to the head unit and run the live wire from the amp to the battery it is that simple. The other things you just wire the speakers to the amp and mount the ground wire for the amp and you're done. All that simple and takes probably under an hour if you are doing a simple car to trunk installation. Then you just tune your amp to how much wattage you want to put out and you start bumping your subs and it will sound so good inside a trunk especially if you get this stuff called DYNOMAT and put it all in the inside of your trunk nothing will rattle and it will sound so much better.


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